Feeling Anxious, Irritated and Quick to Anger? You’re Normal

Feeling Anxious, Irritated and Quick to Anger? You’re Normal You’re stressed. You are not alone. We’re all stressed.  We’re dealing with something we’ve never faced before. Something frightening that has turned our lives upside down. On top of the normal stresses, most of us are already dealing. So, yes, of course, you’re feeling more anxious, […]

Talking to Your Children about Corona Virus

For us in California and many other states, everything has turned upside down for our children. They can’t go to school, there are to be no playdates, no sports practice or games, no sleepovers or getting together with a group of friends, no birthday parties, visiting grandma and grandpa or going out to eat at […]

Meet Your Anxious Brain

A lot is going on in the anxious brain. Many parts of the brain and various neurotransmitters, hormones and amino acids are busily contributing to your anxiety, but there are some main players of particular importance. It is important for you to get acquainted with these parts and their function so you can know and […]

Feeling Safe Again

One of the most difficult aspects of surviving a trauma is being robbed of the sense of safety we otherwise tend to take for granted. It’s the general feeling most of us have that there is nothing imminent to fear lurking ahead of us at any moment. Usually trauma victims have lost this feeling and […]

Finding the Root Cause of Depression for Proper Diagnosis and Treatment

Mental health problems are often challenging to diagnose. Depression is a very common mental illness that can be related to many conditions so proper diagnosis and treatment involves discovering the root cause of the depression within a given person’s brain. For example, despite these two patients having the same common symptoms of depression, you can see in […]

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