A Rampant Epidemic that Kills

The Alarming High Cost and Frequency of Loneliness in the U.S. Most Americans are lonely. Health insurer Cigna’s 2018 U.S. Loneliness Index* found a lack of meaningful relationships and companionship among 325.7 million Americans. Nearly half of those in this national survey reported feeling lonely, left out and isolated from others either always or sometimes. Only about half, 53 […]

When “I’m Sorry” Feels  like “Shut Up”

        How to Apologize When You Really Mean It. A sincere apology goes a long way to correcting mistakes or oversights that damage our relationship with others – be they family, clients, customers or business associates. But apologies that are not sincere, tossed out or incomplete only makes matters worse. There are […]

Pets Are Good for Our Mental Health

Hi, it’s Snow here with good news. Dr. Sarah has been writing an RX for several depressed clients to have a dog. Even she was surprised by the dramatic results. […..]

Establishing Daily Routines

Make a commitment to have regular routines.  Routines make life work without undue pressure, stress, disappointment and costly mistakes. Without them the necessary maintenance tasks of life slip through the cracks, pile up and become overwhelming sources of stress, lowered self-esteem, depression, anxiety, complication and avoidable problems. Having them is actually a form of self-respect […]

Are There Really Holiday Blues?

Some professionals claim there is no such thing as “holiday blues.” That is surely not my experience. It begins each year from Thanksgiving and passes sometime after New Year‘s day and for certain of my clients it can be all too real. Those who suffer from depression may become more depressed; those with anxiety may […]

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