What Clients Say

It has been suggested repeatedly that I add testimonials to my website. I have long resisted this because I would never do that in the customary way. Especially in our small community, even using initials risks compromising confidentiality. But over the past eight years I’ve been in practice here my clients have said many complimentary things to me. This means a lot to me because it means I’ve have able to help. That’s my goal – to be the best therapist I can be. Here are some of the comments I’ve received and have on file.

“She really cares.”
“I feel comfortable and safe with her.”
“I don’t have to hide things from her. She accepts me and doesn’t judge.
“She listens to me and she understands me.”
“She really knows what she is doing. She’s not a one-trick pony. She has so many ways to help.”
“She never gives up on you and goes over and beyond to do to find what will help me.”
“She’s not like any other counselor I’ve ever met. She tells it like it is and sometimes we even have fun. I feel good when I leave.”
“I learn a lot from her. She’s helped me so much.”
“I feel better about myself and more positive about the future.”
“If something isn’t working I can tell her. She won’t get defensive. We find something better.”
“Can’t thank her enough. She saved my life.”
“She extremely knowledgeable and has expertise in the most current areas of her profession. As well as being thoroughly informed about the ‘latest’ in human behavior and brain research, she has helped me in so many practical ways – my daily life if better and I’m more hopeful.”
“Her report from our sessions got our family back.”
“Even her body language tells me she’s in the trenches with me. She leans forward toward me while  we’re talking.
“She actually explained what was happening to me so I finally knew why I’ve felt like I do and then she provided me with skills and tools I can use every day.”
“She is a good therapist but her therapy dog is the best! He knows just when you need him. Thanks Snow.”
“I finally got my SSDI disability because she wrote such a thorough report. No one else has ever taken the time and energy to do that so thoroughly for me.
“She saved my butt. I’d be in jail if she hadn’t helped me change.”
“She’s involved and she’s helped my family too. It’s made our home-life better.”