top-rightI am in private practice in a rural remote mountain area in southwestern-most Kern County California.  I serve our chain of small mountain communities in or adjacent to the Los Padres National Forest.  They include Lebec, Frazier Park, Pinon Pines, Lake of the Woods, Cuddy Valley and Pine Mountain Club.

second-leftMy practice is located in The Pine Mountain Institute at 16240 Askin Drive in Pine Mountain Club.  My husband and I also live at this institute, where several services are provided in addition to my practice:  a non-profit organization and business development course by local professionals and private consulting through the CSU Small Business Development Center.

third-rightTeakwood Court is a cul-de-sac immediately off the frontage road alongside Mil Potrero highway that runs through the community two blocks from the small village center (see map).  It is a location that’s easy for clients to locate and has ample parking only minutes from our Health Center in the Village.  There is a public entrance on the ground floor that opens into a small front hall lobby.

fourth-leftThe front lobby leads directly to a waiting area for clients who arrive early or are waiting for family members who are having private sessions.

My office itself is in the counseling wing to the left of the waiting room. It is the second door on the right and easily accommodates individuals, couples and families up to five, as well as educational materials, pamphlets, booklets, and brochures.  My license and professional degrees are prominently displayed.

fifth-rightThere is a private restroom on the counseling wing next to my office, first door on the right.  It is used exclusively by clients of the Institute and is always kept supplied, neat and immaculately clean.

There is also a privacy exit to the right of the counseling wing for clients wishing not to encounter other individuals coming and going in the Institute.