Are There Really Holiday Blues?

Some professionals claim there is no such thing as “holiday blues.” That is surely not my experience. It begins each year from Thanksgiving and passes sometime after New Year‘s day and for certain of my clients it can be all too real. Those who suffer from depression may become more depressed; those with anxiety may […]

Mobile Devices in the Bedroom Rob Kids of Sleep

Eleven different studies found that kids sleep better without their electronic devices. Researchers report, 72% of all kids and 89% of adolescents have at least one mobile device in the bedroom, and most of them regularly use it before bedtime. As a result they often have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, as well as daytime […]

Give Your Runaway Brain a Bone Chew

If you have a dog you know about bone chews. They are made of some tasty, chewy material so the dog focuses his or her attention on something other than whatever undesired behavior you want to avoid. Well, these Bone Chews do the same for your brain. They are based on basic mindfulness concepts that […]

The Soothing Comfort of Ritual and Routine

The Soothing Comfort of Ritual and Routine Folks who have survived a disabling, debilitating or life-threatening illness or injury often comment upon recovery how much they relish being able to once again carry out the routine chores of daily life that we in times of good health consider to be mundane and even boring.  The […]

How to Make and Keep Good Friends

All mental health programs emphasize the importance of encouraging clients to find and maintain good friendships. Having a wealth of good friends benefits our health, both physically and mentally. Those with a wide network of friends have been found to be healthier, happier, less stressed and longer lived than those with an isolated life. This […]