12-Minute Meditation to Clear Your Mind & Change Your Life

I highly recommend trying a meditation I recently was introduced to by Dr. Daniel Amen. I have tried and recommended many meditation. It is not unusual for folks to have difficulty meditating.  They get discouraged and give up. This is by far the easiest, most practical and rewarding one I’ve found and the results for […]

Are You a Perfectionist?

Perfectionism, however, takes this desire to an extreme. The “perfectionist” has a painful habit of trying to live up to impossible goals and ideals and feeling like a worthless when falling short.  It is not the same of having goals, setting high standards and wanting to do the best one can to achieve them. It […]

Reduce Stress with Natural At-Ease Breathing

Including Anxiety and Panic Attacks Medical experts and alternative healers as well as the US Military are focusing attention on the many health benefits of what is called belly breathing, or diaphragmatic breathing.  I like to refer to this way of breathing as natural “At-Ease Breathing“ because it is the way babies and people who […]