Feeling Safe Again

One of the most difficult aspects of surviving a trauma is being robbed of the sense of safety we otherwise tend to take for granted. It’s the general feeling most of us have that there is nothing imminent to fear lurking ahead of us at any moment. Usually trauma victims have lost this feeling and […]

12-Minute Meditation to Clear Your Mind & Change Your Life

I highly recommend trying a meditation I recently was introduced to by Dr. Daniel Amen. I have tried and recommended many meditation. It is not unusual for folks to have difficulty meditating.  They get discouraged and give up. This is by far the easiest, most practical and rewarding one I’ve found and the results for […]

Breakthrough Treatments Help Those Suffering from PTSD Find Rewarding Lives

“Time Perspective Therapy is a powerful breakthrough at a time when the need has never been greater.” Dr. Phil McGraw. Having specialized in trauma, grief and loss of the past eight years here in our mountain community, I am deeply aware of the pain and suffering those with PTSD endure: the horrifying nightmares and flashbacks, […]