Pets Are Good for Our Mental Health

Hi, it’s Snow here with good news. Dr. Sarah has been writing an RX for several depressed clients to have a dog. Even she was surprised by the dramatic results. […..]

The Trooper Story for When the Going Get Tough

Look what I found! It’s an article Sarah and Paul wrote about a puppy. She found it in an old file folder. I like it, because I’m going through a sort of rough time. I have a new little brother. His name is Friend. He rags me endlessly. He’s making everything different, messing with the […]

I Graduated!!

A blog from Snow —  I’ve been in training during the past two years to perfect my role as a therapy/service dog. I have completed more than 300 hours of training with Dr. Sarah and the trainer, Nikki Major,  she engaged to help us. My trainer, Nikki Major, was very good and Dr. Sarah was […]

Please Don’t Forget Me Pets in Peril

A blog from Snow – Lately there have been so many frightening evacuations from dangerous, destructive natural disasters. Paul and Sarah told me about the horrible experiences during Katrina eight years ago. There was so much suffering by heartbroken owners and lost and abandoned pets. Hopefully since then we’ve all learned to take precautions to […]