Mindfulness Training Program

Mindfulness CBT a 10-Week Program for Depression, Anxiety and Bi-Polar Conditions

 Many scientific studies have found that mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MCBT) appears to offer immense practical benefits for the lives of those suffering from the varying forms depression, including bipolar disorder.  They strongly suggest that during an evidence-based program such as the 10-Week MBCT Program, the state of depression prior to meditation is greatly reduced and a definite feeling of well-being is observed.  Many depression and bipolar sufferers have noticed irritable thoughts and feelings diminish significantly while feelings of confidence increase dramatically. MBCT has been found to be an extremely effective complement to one’s regular CBT counseling sessions. Since depression and bipolar conditions can include dramatic mood swings, though, it is always recommended that you talk to your doctor or mental health professional before starting an MBCT program. This is so you can both monitor any improvements and changes and work together to help you incorporate them into your regular life. Keeping a log while part of this program is helpful for identifying new patterns or changes that are occurring.

People who have taken part in a MBCT program have stated that it has been by far the most effective of the various types of medication and vitamin treatments they’ve tried for dealing with the challenges of anxiety, depression or bi polar conditions. While there are many different mindfulness techniques, some methods are effective and others are less so or not. Throughout the research into this field, however, MBCT programs are most often found to be effective.

You can take the Ten-Week MBCT Program as part of your individual counseling sessions or as part of a counseling group. Some find that practicing with a group of like-minded people in a supportive and ambient atmosphere leads to more confidence and less anxiety. This is a personal preference, however, and both can be equally beneficial.

By fostering thought, contemplation, and reflection, MBCT can also help deal with medical problems, stress and anxiety.  The many benefits have been found to be immense. If you are interested in the possibility of taking the 10-Week MBCT program, talk with me during your regular session or email me to discuss how you might benefit.